If you are thinking about adding or replacing air conditioning in your home our Cool Cash Incentive Program can help you select just the right system for your needs, and save energy and money!

For example, we know that many Utah families believe upgrading air conditioning means moving from a rooftop evaporative cooler to central air conditioning. But Utah’s climate is ideal for evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is no longer confined to rooftops. Evaporative systems can be installed indoors, and vented throughout your house through existing vents (called whole-house evaporative cooling). Evaporative cooling will create significant savings on your summer electricity costs compared to central air conditioning. Because evaporative systems save energy, participating UAMPS energy partners are offering cash incentives when you purchase a new, replacement, premium, or whole-house evaporative system.

However, if you are planning on installing a central air conditioning system, proper equipment sizing, installation, operation and maintenance will make a big difference in the level of efficiency, and therefore cost of your new system. So participating UAMPS’ energy partners will offer incentives for high efficiency appliances, properly sized, and properly installed systems.

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IMPORTANT: On your application please BE SURE TO PROVIDE:
• Your full name and contact information.
• Electrical Utility name and Account number.
• Information about residence (where the system was installed).
• Dealer’s program identification number (required for central air conditioning installations).
• Purchase and installation information (including a copy of the dated sales receipt or invoice).
• Information regarding the model number and type of equipment purchased (for central air conditioning systems, you will also need the ARI reference number).

For properly sized air conditioning incentive, you will need a copy of a properly sized calculated cooling load for your home.
For a list of participating dealers that will provided this information, CLICK HERE

For proper air conditioning installation incentive, a copy of the UAMPS Proper Installation Form is required.
For a list of participating dealers that will provide this information, CLICK HERE

Incentives are limited to two per qualifying households per eligible measure. Customers of participating UAMPS’ energy partners may apply for evaporative incentive and/or central air conditioning equipment incentives. Within each equipment type, customers may apply for multiple incentives. For example, customers can qualify for any one, or all three of the central air conditioning incentives. Window air conditioning units, packages terminal units and heat pumps are NOT eligible for incentives under the UAMPS Cool Cash Program. Only qualifying equipment purchased AND installed after October 1, 2009 is eligible for incentives.

Evaporative Cooling

You could receive $400 for replacement of an existing cooler, or $400 for a first-time installation evaporative cooler. Additional incentives are available for premium and whole-house ducted systems.
For a list of participating UAMPS partners. CLICK HERE

Why buy evaporative cooling?
Evaporative coolers use as much as 75% less electricity as central air conditioning. Plus, they act as air filters, tapping some dust and pollen. In addition, innovations in evaporative cooling technology gives customers options that are more effective and efficient than ever before.

What is my incentive?
Cash incentive range from $400 to $1000 for qualifying products.

To download an incentive application form. CLICK HERE

Which evaporative coolers qualify?
 Replacement, new, premium and whole house evaporative coolers qualify under this program. Customers may purchase evaporative cooling equipment from any source they prefer. They may install the equipment themselves, and need not purchase installation services to qualify for the incentive. Call for a list of eligible models.

For a list of HVAC program trade ally list, CLICK HERE

Who can participate?
 Residential electric customers of participating UAMPS energy partners.

Equipment Requirements for Evaporative Coolers
Replacement and new evaporative cooling equipment must have a minimum industry standard rating of 2500 CFM, Premium evaporative equipment must be indirect/direct, or single-inlet direct evaporative system that delivers cooling through a whole-house distribution system. For the purpose of the program, a whole-house distribution system will be defined as a ducted system with a point of delivery, or register, in each occupied room within the dwelling. Customers installing a new whole-house distribution system with a non-premium evaporative cooler will qualify under the New Evaporative Equipment incentive tier.


Central Air Conditioning

Three measures for central air conditioners will qualify you to receive an incentive-proper sizing of equipment for your specific square footage, proper installation by a qualified dealer, and purchase of high-efficiency CAC appliance. Customers of participating UAMPS energy partners can qualify for any single or combination of these measures when they meet the equipment requirements outlined in the incentive application materials.

For a list of participating UAMPS energy partners (Participating Energy Partners) CLICK HERE

Why buy high-efficient central air conditioning?
High efficiency central air conditioners can reduce cooling costs by as much as 30%.

What is my incentive?
Customer’s incentive for purchasing, and properly sizing and installing central air equipment are available. Incentives range from $50 to $300.

To download an incentive application form, CLICK HERE

How can I qualify for a cash incentive for my central air system?
Customers may purchase qualifying central air conditioning equipment and installation services form participating Cool Cash dealers, and ensure the equipment is properly sized for residence where it is installed.

For more information about qualifying equipment dealers, CLICK HERE
To download a Proper Installation Form, CLICK HERE

Who can participate? 
Residential electric customers for participating UAMPS energy partners.

Equipment Requirements for Central Air
All central air conditioning equipment must be a new sir-source split or packaged unitary air conditioner with an Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) Standard Rating Cooling Capacity of 65,000 Btu/hr (5.4 tons) or less, and must contain either a factory or field installed thermal expansion valve. Split-system air condition equipment must include a matched condensing unit and evaporative coil with an overall rating as determined by ARI Standard 210/240.

To qualify for the sizing incentives, central air conditioner equipment must match the calculated cooling load of the residence where it is installed. The cooling load calculations must be based on methodology in Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J and the mandatory cooling load calculation assumptions provided in the Cool Cash Incentive program manual for participating dealer. Installed equipment in considered properly sized when it’s Standard Capacity Rating as reported in the Current ARI directory of Unitary Equipment is within one-half ton (6,000 Btu/hr) of the calculated cooling load.

To qualify for proper installation incentives, the central air conditioner must be installed according to the requirements provided in the Cool Cash Incentive program manual for participating dealers. In addition, installation documentation must be completed and signed by a certified North American Technician Excellency (NATE) dealer.